To our J-Dolphins Family

To all swimmers, parents and associates of the J-Dolphins Swim Club,

Welcome to a new season of Swimming! Last year we have seen huge improvements and a lot of new firsts for the swim team. We would like to extend our congrats to the swimmers for their

extensive hard work and perseverance, and to the parents and associates involved for their never ending support for the swimmers to achieve their dreams and goals. We hope that this streak of initiative and willingness to push beyond limits continues as we enter a new year of opportunities.

SWIMMERS, just a few things to remember for upcoming practices and meets:

  1. WARMUP: Swimmers are expected to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to warm up. This is to ensure that proper dryland and activation is completed and done together as a team before jumping into the pool.

  2. UNIFORMS: Swimmers, please be careful with your uniforms. We had a few instances in which some swimmers were missing their team gear (even with their names on it) because it had been taken by another swimmer. If you are not sure if it is yours, please do not take it home but rather bring it to one of the coaches to figure out. The last thing we want is for you guys not to be able to stay warm before a race!

  3. NUTRITION: Please make sure that you are bringing healthy snacks and lots of fluids from home. Especially in between races, it’s hugely important to stay hydrated and ensure that you’re getting all the nutrition you need.

  4. BEHAVIOR: Swimmers are expected to be in their appropriate behavior not just for themselves, but for the team and everyone around them. in and out of the pool. Their actions will not only affect you. but to everyone involved in or out of the team. So ensure that you can be the role models for the team and maintain responsibility for your actions!

A note to the PARENTS from the coaches:

  1. A HEARTY THANK YOU: We are incredibly grateful for all your support and encouragement. Thank you for expressing your appreciation and for providing such a positive and motivating environment for the athletes – it really does make our jobs easier.

  2. QUESTIONS/CONCERNS: We completely understand that there are always going to be concerns regarding the swimmers’ technique and/or conditioning. We’ve learned that things tend to become distorted and/or misunderstood when passed through the grape vine, so if you have any concerns or questions at all, please come to us directly. We are more than happy and willing to address them before or after practice. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail if you’d like to arrange a more intimate 1-on-1 discussion.

  3. TECHNIQUE: Our focus, as coaches, is on prolonging the longevity of the athletes’ swimming careers. We will continue to give our best with respect to our coaching and the swimmers’ techniques. The changes and fixes that we make are calculated and tailored to each swimmer based on their age, their growth, the technique we want to focus on, and even their personalities. Some changes may be immediate, but others are more progressive. So, all we ask is for your patience and that you continue to trust us as you have.

And with that, we hope to see you all in the pool, ready to go. Let's make this year another one for the books!


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