Announcement for Summer Training Camp 2020

Update (11/5/19):

We have received word and updates regarding the summer camp for next year. The original announcement is found under this email.

- The dates are August 23 to September 3

- The price is $3000, which includes flight ($2000 excluding flight)

- We have received word that we will have hotel, meals, transportation and swimming pool accommodations as part of the trip. This does not include attractions.

This is what we have so far, and we will lay out the plans for the camp in the future. At this time, we suggest to let us know if you are absolutely coming by Thursday.

If you have any questions, please let us know.



To all swimmers and parents,

Due to the success of the Summer Training Camp, we are here to announce that we are currently preparing and organizing a Summer Training Camp set for Spain next year, from August 23 to September 3 (tentative). The positive experiences and successful results from the camp has shown us that the training camp not only provided an effective and learning experience for those involved, but it also provided a memorable one as well for many who were given the experience for something beyond the usual schedule.

And thus, we would like to continue that experience by organizing the next training camp, this time somewhere further and with a difference engaging experience than last time.

What is Training Camp?

For those who are curious about the Training Camp, the general census is that those interested will be treated to a schedule that combines both training and sightseeing to various places and attractions known in the vicinity. They will also be treated with food, a hotel to stay and rest in, and transportation to various places including the training complex - all provided for the swim team throughout the duration of the camp. Along the way, not only do the swimmers gain experience in their athletic abilities, they will also form new memories along the way with their friends as they encounter adventure in every corner and experience a closer team bond with everybody in the team.

I have questions to ask in regards to the Training Camp.

In the meantime, we are still awaiting, gathering and organizing more information in regards of the Training camp itself, so for now, we would like you to hold on to the questions until further notice.


However, we would like to ask beforehand on how many are currently interested on joining the Training camp so we can get an idea of how much resources we need to prepare. We need swimmers and volunteers who are willing to join and aid the swimmers in any way possible. Space is limited so please let us know as soon as possible.

Where do I let you know if I am interested to join?

Simply drop us an email (at letting us know that you are interested on the Training Camp. Send us the names and their current position in the club (Swimmer, Volunteer) by November 1 and we'll keep you on standby.

We hope that you join the camp and prepare for something unique for next Summer!


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